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    On My Knees
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    "Meredith writes her characters to be as close to real as they can be. Their emotions, reactions and interactions are real. This only brings you deeper into their lives and has you walking, talking and interacting along with them. It consumes you." --Obsession is a Book Blog

    "Simply stated, I loved everything about this sequel. It has all the sass and smarts of the first book, with even more breath-taking, sensual, passionate - sometimes even desperate - but always beautiful love scenes. Every character is written to elicit a range of emotions, from ecstasy to sheer terror, and everything in between." --Curl Up & Read Book Blog

    "This book was epic... a fresh change." --Anonymous Interests Book Blog

    "With a full ensemble of characters beyond just the couple of interest, this book is a symphony of twists, turns, and interconnections. I couldn't put it down." --Babu's Bookshelf Blog