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  • Praise for Meredith Wild

    "Meredith excels at describing moments in life and love that often remain unspoken. Of teasing out the minutiae that isn’t minutiae at all, but actually quite profound..."
    -Heroes and Heartbreakers

    "I'm constantly blown away by Wild's ability to pen the dark side of humanity, while still giving us books (and characters) we can fall in love with."
    -Amazon Reviewer

    "Meredith Wild has a way with her writing that simply consumes you."
    -Never Ending Book Basket

    "Meredith is a true wordsmith. The artistry behind her words is amazing, delicate, thought provoking, enticing and entrancing. Her characters are always multifaceted. When they hurt, you hurt. When they love, you love." -Goodreads Reviewer

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