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  • Praise for The Hacker Series

    "Hardwired by Meredith Wild is a love story and so much more."
    -Literati Literature Lovers

    "Meredith writes her characters to be as close to real as they can be. Their emotions, reactions and interactions are real. This only brings you deeper into their lives and has you walking, talking and interacting along with them. It consumes you."
    -Obsession is a Book Blog

    "I'm quite positive I stopped breathing, gasped, shrieked, and had heart palpitations more times than I could count while reading this magnificent book."
    -The Never Ending Book Basket

    "Hard Limit is such an apt title for this book. I was amazed by the twists and turns. I wasn't prepared for what happens to the characters and it is so refreshing to be gobsmacked by the action taking place."
    -Bad Girl Books

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