Writing Schedule:

  • Misadventures with a Master, with Mia Michelle: September 4, 2018
  • New Misadventure, with Chelle Bliss: Spring 2019
  • New Series: TBA
  • Can I get your books in audio format?

    All of my books are now available on Audible and iTunes. Check the individual book pages for links!

  • Can I pre-order your books?

    Yes! New releases will be available for pre-order on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, GooglePlay, and Kobo. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter here to receive updates on release dates and pre-order links.

  • How many books are in the Hacker series?

    The Hacker Series includes five volumes telling Blake & Erica’s story. Hard Love completes the series.

  • How many books are in the Bridge series?

    The Bridge Series includes three volumes telling each of the Bridge siblings’ stories.

  • Can you tell us anything else about you?

    I’m a thirty-something mother of three. I’ve spent the past decade running various Internet businesses. I hold a bachelor’s in English from Smith College, and I am horrified daily by my inability to find my own typos. My days consist of begging to sleep in, then launching myself into a flurry of kid-related obligations, battling my social media obsession, and writing. My nights consist of spending time with my real life hero and brainstorming ways to create more hours in the day to write!

    I prefer beaches to mountains, chocolate to vanilla, and Internet to TV. In my spare time, of which I have none, I like to do absolutely nothing, preferably on a pool raft with a refreshing adult beverage in hand.

  • Do you base your stories on your life or real people you know?

    A lot of people ask if I’m Erica Hathaway and if there is a real Blake Landon. I can say that Erica and I share a number of personality traits, and there are bits and pieces of my soul in the heroes, the heroines, and even the bad guys of my stories. But at the end of the day my characters are purely fictional, imbued with physical or personality traits that might be inspired by any number of people or experiences that have come into my life. Rarely is a character a representation of a single person though.

  • Is Blake based off of someone you know?

    Blake really is his own man. His character is so solidified in my mind, but I can’t say he was singularly modeled after someone. He can be a jerk one minute and making me laugh the next. Of course he has many other lovely qualities as well. For now, Blake exists only in our vivid imaginations, but I’d like to think he’s out there somewhere. :)

  • Do you listen to music as you write?

    Sometimes I need silence to write, but more often than not, I’m plugged into music that puts me into the right mindset for my work-in-progress. I create Spotify playlists for all my novels with songs that inspired me as I wrote the books. These can be found on the individual book pages on this website. You can find me on Spotify here.

  • What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

    1. Finish your book!
      Anyone can start a book. The hard part is taking the story across the finish line. I feel like no climb is more gruelling than those last few chapters, and no outcome is more satisfying that knowing that you’ve finished! The beautiful thing is that once you’ve finished a book, deep down you know that you can finish another. You’re a writer. It’s official!
    2. Hire an editor.
      Never put your work out into the world until a seasoned editor can provide critical feedback on it. I don’t care what degrees you hold or how great of a writer you think you are. Having a great editor not only makes your book the best it can be, but the lessons you learn from that process will make you a better writer. Always strive to improve your craft.
    3. Never take no for an answer.
      Sometimes the easiest thing to do is give up when we’re told something can’t be done. When we pour our heart and soul into a book, it’s easy to feel deflated when we’re met with criticism and a seemingly endless cycle of rejection. Persevere, innovate, and things will find a way of falling into place.
    4. Innovate.
      Learn the rules and then break them is still solid advice. The world of publishing is changing daily. The increasing success of self-published authors is proof that anything is possible. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and try strategies that no one has tried before.
    5. Writing is always the answer.
      Setbacks happen. Lulls occur. Deadlines loom. Remember why you started writing—hopefully because you love to and doing so satisfies your soul. Sometimes when I’m the most frustrated, I remember that writing solves everything. It meets my deadline, it takes me away from the stress of daily life, and it gives me a sense of satisfaction that will never be achieved by checking my social media accounts.



Happy Reading,