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The Value of Doing Nothing

DoingNothingIt’s hard for me to even type that in the title. I’m so compulsively over-productive that I’m actually cringing a little.

Still, this weekend I did my best to do nothing, at least when it came to work. (An author’s work is never done.) I fought like hell with the impulse to answer email, get a head [Read More]

Hard at Work

Hello friends! I have come up for some air from writing Hardpressed to report some news.

New Website

The old design was bugging me so I spent the morning revamping everything. This is a little more blog-friendly and has all updated details on ordering Hardwired. Note that we are still waiting on iBooks to approve the book. Good news is that you can now order the paperback on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Check out the Hardwired page for [Read More]