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Introducing a New Meredith Wild series!!!

the red ledger announcement I’ve been waiting to announce this news for over THREE YEARS. I know that seems crazy, but on December 2nd, 2014, only a couple weeks before I released Hard Limit, the first scene for The Red Ledger hit me in a dream so vivid that I just couldn’t shake it.  I took notes, promised [Read More]

The Bridge Series Continues…


I’m excited to announce that the Bridge Series which began with Cameron & Maya’s story, ON MY KNEES, nearly two years ago will continue with Vanessa & Darren in INTO THE FIRE, to be released June 21st, 2016! Pre-orders for ebook and paperbacks are available now at

And because I was too excited [Read More]

My Next Writing Project Is…

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.05.38 PMNow that Hard Love has released and the Hacker Series is officially complete, many of you have asked what I plan to write next. After feeling indecisive about it for a while, I finally realized that the novel I really needed to write was Into the Fire. Because I miss Cam and Maya, and more importantly, [Read More]

Hard Love is Here!

Hard Love is Here! The FINAL Book in the Hacker Series

“I couldn’t have asked for a better ending book for Blake and Erica and their breathtakingly emotional love story.” –-The Never Ending Book Basket



Buy Links:

Paperbacks: Barnes & Noble Amazon Hastings IndieBound Books-A-Million

Digital: Amazon Kindle iBooks [Read More]

Hard Love Release Date & New Acquisition Announcement!


The Five-Book Series Will Be Published by Forever, an Imprint of Grand Central Publishing – New York, NY—April 7, 2015

Meredith-Wild-1873Grand Central Publishing (GCP), a division of Hachette Book Group, is excited to announce the acquisition for its Forever imprint of the Hacker [Read More]

On My Knees Snippet #3

CAMERON. I had to remind myself of my own strength when I ripped that little fucker off of Maya. He and his friends had postured for a moment, probably long enough to realize I had about forty pounds of muscle on any of them. Their strength in numbers would have been annoying, but not enough to pose a threat.

Then there was the girl, her body indecently entwined with Maya’s. She didn’t look like a [Read More]

On My Knees Snippet #2

MAYA. I’d spent nearly every weekend in recent memory at the club, partaking in all manner of drunken fun. Eli, Vanessa, and I would glam ourselves up and dance the night away, rain or shine. Every weekend was an adventure. Who would we meet, and what vodka-induced debacle would we get ourselves into? Between the three of us, we’d usually be able to get a good story and a few laughs out of the night. [Read More]

On My Knees Snippet #1


“When the hell did you start smoking?”

“I don’t know. When life got stressful, I guess. Give them back to me.”

He held them beyond my reach as I grabbed for them.

“Do you want me to tell you I’ll give them back to you at the end of the week?”

“Will you?”

He hesitated a second. “No. Not a chance, actually.”

I gritted my teeth, making a concerted effort not to stomp my [Read More]

Hardpressed Excerpt #3

I found the ladies’ room mercifully abandoned. I looked at myself in the mirror. Despite being an epic emotional wreck, I looked okay. Makeup hid the dark circles under my eyes, at least. I was no runway model, but I’d been good enough for Blake. Once upon a time, I had been the one he wanted. I scolded myself for caring. I could get through this, somehow. I’d been through worse, right?

Before I could [Read More]

Hardpressed Excerpt #2

Just then Blake’s silhouette filled the doorway. My breath caught as I sized him up. The green in his eyes glowed against the stark black and white of his perfectly tailored tuxedo.

I watched his reflection as he walked slowly toward me, drinking me in from the back.

“You’re early.”

He stopped behind me, catching my gaze in the mirror. “I may have underestimated how tempting you would be in this little getup. Those panties [Read More]