The Red Ledger 2


Six years ago, Tristan Stone was everything to me. My whole heart, my future. We were unshakeable, bound tighter by any force that tried to drive us apart. Then he disappeared from my life, leaving me in tatters, broken and running away to one of the most intense cities in the world. Somehow he found me, but now nothing is the same…

Tristan claims someone wants me dead. He’s scarred and dangerous, but all of that seems to melt away when we touch. I might be the only one who can give him his memories, but I want more. The lover I could never forget is trapped inside the heartless man he’s become. I won’t stop until I reach him. I won’t stop until I find the answers he’s not giving me.

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"OMG! Holy shizzle batman! A thrilling continuation that has left me craving more!"
-White Hot Reads
"One of the most addicting, intense, and consuming stories I have EVER read!"
-Never Ending Book Basket
"An absolutely EPIC read. So many stars!"
-USA Today bestselling author Angel Payne
"A highly addictive, fast paced story that leaves you on the edge of your seat..."
-Red's Midnight Readers
"Hello world, meet a man who leaves a delicious craving behind. An addiction with only him being the cure. "
-USA Today bestselling author Kathy Coopmans
"The push and pull between Isabel and Tristan is insane and I loved every minute of it. I have a thousand and one theories going through my head right now."
-Two Darlin Dolls and a Book Review

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