The Red Ledger 5


I’ve seen death. I’ve watched my place in the world fall away. Every day, the life I’ve chosen with Tristan changes shape. It’s not the life I wanted for us, but it’s ours. I accept this, as unready as I sometimes feel to face the dark side of humanity he knows too well.

Now the person who’s responsible for putting us on this path has slipped from our grasp. Our grand plans to free Tristan from the life of a mercenary are unraveling. Friends are looking more like foes, and the truth we’ve been searching for is uglier than we could have ever imagined.

Every tomorrow brings a new fight I pray we can win. But what if tomorrow is something I’ve taken for granted all this time? What if we’ve met our match? What if tomorrow never comes?

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"Wow! If you thought there were twists and turns in books 1-4 then you need to read this one like now!"
-Beyond the Covers Blog
"Holy Crap!!! What did I just read?!!"
-White Hot Reads
"Meredith Wild has created a series so perfect that waiting for the next book seems like a privilege."
-Belle Reader

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