Revenge: The Red Ledger


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No one else can stop themÖ

Iíve never loved Tristan more. Iíve never trusted him less. Is it murder in his eyes or just jealousy when he insists weíll find answers in Boston, headquarters of one of our greatest enemies and home to the man I left back in Rio?

I havenít forgotten Koltís betrayal nor the blood thatís already been spilled between our families. Inviting him back into my life with the promise of settling our unfinished business is a dangerous gamble that could end in more bloodshed.

But as his familyís twisted plan starts to unfold, nothing can prepare me for the horror of what will happen if I do nothing. More people will die, and every death will serve a dark purpose. Tristan and I may be an army of two, but one thing is certainóif we canít save them, no one will.

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