Hardwired Snippet #2

Snippet #2

(All excerpts are subject to change or deletion.)

We pulled up to the house, and Blake circled the car to let me out before I could figure out the handles. We walked the steps up to the entrance. When I paused to say goodbye, Blake pulled me close. The breath rushed out of me.

“You owe me a goodnight kiss, Miss Hathaway.”

Before I could respond, he covered my mouth with his own.  I melted into the kiss and the warmth of his body. Mercy, his lips. The stress of the morning became a distant memory, replaced with a hunger that neither of us was in a position to satisfy at the moment.

“Come home with me.” His voice was raw.

Somewhere in the distance, my inner voice started psychoanalyzing everything, pulling me out of the moment.

“I can’t.”

Technically, I could. In fact, I wanted nothing more than a repeat of my night in Blake’s Vegas pad, but I had no idea what that meant for my mental stability. I needed to focus on work. Getting screwed to oblivion by Blake on a regular basis probably wasn’t going to help me in that department.

“Dinner, then.”

“No,” I insisted. “Besides, you were hardly the perfect gentlemen last time.”

“Wasn’t I? As I recall, you were the one who asked for the tour of the bedrooms.”

He ground his hip into me, eliciting a whimper. I tried to care that we were in plain view of anyone passing by, but I worried more that I was slipping further away from myself and deeper into a dangerous attraction that already had its hooks in me.

“Blake, seriously, Vegas was…really great.” I paused, desperately trying to pull myself together. “I’m just not in a good place for this—whatever this is with us.”

I kissed him gently, breathing him in one last time before slipping from his grasp. He released me, but by wanting in his eyes, I could tell he wasn’t happy about it.

“Goodbye, Blake.”

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