Hard at Work

Hello friends! I have come up for some air from writing Hardpressed to report some news.

New Website

The old design was bugging me so I spent the morning revamping everything. This is a little more blog-friendly and has all updated details on ordering Hardwired. Note that we are still waiting on iBooks to approve the book. Good news is that you can now order the paperback on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Check out the Hardwired page for purchase links.

Blog Tour

We’ve recently hired Literati Author Services to host a blog tour for us from October 10th-16th, so keep an eye out for those links because we’ll be giving away some free swag to tour participants! You can see the full tour schedule here: http://literatiauthorservices.com/2013/09/10/book-tour-hardwired-by-meredith-wild/

When is Hardpressed coming out??!?

I know everyone is eager to know the answer to this, and I’ve been avoiding your pleas because Hardpressed is still in progress. The minute I’m confident of a launch date, I will announce it, but I don’t want to promise a date that we can’t confidently meet if that means disappointing all you wonderful peeps. So, please be patient and know that I am hard at work writing the next installment of Blake and Erica’s story. I can say that the book will definitely be out before the end of 2013.

Thanks again for all the great reviews and support! I now have thousands of reasons to keep diligently writing thanks to the many new friends and fans I’ve connected with on this journey.



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5 thoughts on “Hard at Work

  1. I also like to know when to expect hardline. I got hardpressed for christmas gift and it took only a day to read. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to see what happins to Blake and Erica.

  2. I started Hardwire on Monday and then started Hardpressed on late Tuesday and finished it on Wednesday evening. I’m on Blake and Erica withdrawal now. I’m so looking forward to Hardline and many more.

    Also when movie times comes, which I hope it does, I hope you cast Josh Henderson for the role of Blake. Seems to be perfect especially with his eyes.

  3. I read The Hackers Series within 2 days. I hate it when I’m sat on a bus reading it. Then have to put it away to go to work & spend all day wondering what’s going on with them & if they can survive Daniel. I could’ve screamed when I went to download the 3rd book only to find I have wait until June. What am I going to do?!?!?!? Thank you Meridith for a great, compelling and wonderful written series x

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